Natalie’s Story

As a kid we didn’t have that many books in our home.  What we did have was two sets of encyclopedias.  I was fascinated by them because I thought they held ALL the important information in the world.  School was about learning what was in those huge volumes.  Every time we had to do a research paper, we would refer to them.

My parents didn’t take us to the library very often.  Because you had to whisper, I never felt comfortable entering the building.  The librarians would always “shhhhh” me and I’d feel like I was in trouble again.  I found out that my grandma didn’t take my mom and her siblings to the library much because she believed the books held many germs and so it was unsanitary.  Maybe that is why my mom bought me books like dozens of Nancy Drew mysteries that I could read over and over.  I never used my library card to read those books.  Her sister in contrast always has her house filled with books mostly from the library.  She went the opposite direction and always checks out books.

I buy books constantly.  If I am having a difficult or overwhelming day, I am at peace walking around a bookstore.  Large or small, the new books especially on the featured tables take me away from whatever is weighing me down.  The education I get by browsing the books is almost like the satisfied feeling I get whenever I eat something healthy.

When I was young, I would tell my mom how bad I felt because I would get an excellent grade on a test and then forget everything I learned.  It made me think that school was a waste of time or that my brain wasn’t normal… (ok.. some people wonder that today!)  She would tell me over and over that school is for learning how to ask questions and how to find the answers to any question you have.  She taught me that learning goes on throughout our whole life. 

I appreciate all the “friends” I have made reading what they have to share with me in their books.  In my life, I hope to have a number of books I write that I can share with you.



  1. Natalie: You certainly have increased your social capital with these wonderful book reviews. Thank you for all your unique gifts that you share with us. Your classes, your business acumen, your humor. You have made a dry requirement, clock hours, into the most successful business. You are a delight. Ann Tabasinske

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