Posted by: nataliereviewsbooks | October 13, 2016

Whiskey Cove by Denise Frisino

whiskey-coveBootlegging  in Puget Sound during Prohibition?!  This was a fascinating look at the past through the eyes of a young woman, Jean, who answered an ad in the 1970’s to clean up a garden on Samish Island just south of Bellingham for Alex McKenzie.  “Mrs. McKenzie, were you really involved with rum running?”

This award winning book, Whiskey Cove, was written by a local author, Denise Frisino, a drama and writing teacher who was raised by a Seattle Times editor.  The story of Alex and Jake and the dangers and the mystery that unfolds with Jean and Nate throughout the Pacific Northwest. The story is told drop by drop with gangsters, murder, the underworld in a setting that few realized was so prevalent in the waters of Puget Sound between Washington and Canada.  Rum running was a dangerous but profitable business.  The chill of the cold salt water, the sound of the splash against the hull of the boat, the shadows at night, the suspense and the connections in a story of mystery that is filled with detail. It was a fascinating read, setting the mystery and romance with the history of this time period in Seattle.  The descriptions made me feel like I was there.. in the garden, on the beach, or in the boat.  Time to raise a glass of whiskey in cheers for this historical fiction book opening up the window to the past here in the Puget Sound.


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