Posted by: nataliereviewsbooks | October 13, 2016

Chasing the Perfect by Natalia Ilyin

book-chasing-the-perfectI was cruising down the aisles of the library looking for something different to read when I happened to pick out this book, Chasing the Perfect.  It was filed under the drawing and arts section… But, I think it belongs in memoirs!   The author has almost the same name and lives in the Pacific Northwest.  It was part memoir and part thoughts on modernist design.  I found it very interesting.  I’ve always thought modern design was a bit cold.  It does strive for perfection and a crisp and clean feeling.  Modern design, though it originated almost a hundred years ago, continues to define much of our life.  From the plate we might have on the dinner table to the skyscrapers that form the city skyline there is a modernistic feel throughout our world.  I am surrounded with design that fits my own sense of the world.  The author, Natalia Ilyin, writes each chapter so we learn about her life as a designer in New York to how she was planted out here in the Northwest. I love memoir because it is a peek into the real life world of another person.


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