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Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

dataclysmWho are we… What we think… How can you categorize us?… What are we like when we think no one is paying attention?…. How do our words online create a profile?

Dataclysm was an interesting book by the guy who created a dating site (that I have never even heard of).  Taking information from profiles and then using other sites on the internet along with research he paints a picture of “us.”

There are a number of interesting statements and statistics..”There are more words written on Twitter in the next two years than contained in all books ever printed.”  “Google Books has digitized 30 million unique books.”

“Not long ago, only big companies, with big budgets, could get their message heard and beloved by strangers halfway around the globe  Now I can, and so can you and so can everyone.  The hardest part is getting anyone to listen.”

The book touches on our behavior as learned from the dating site… but also looks at attractiveness, racial issues and sexuality… and knowing that it wasn’t really controlled surveys, I felt a bit uncomfortable with those sections but it was interesting.

I am not much of a left brain and I avoid numbers at all costs.. but I found this book interesting. Some of the conclusions are amusing, thought provoking and trivial.   I am glad I read the book but I didn’t take away any real information that I can even share in this review… so maybe that says something!?


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